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  • We Fight against Child Abuse
  • We Fight against Woman Abuse
  • We Fight against the White Genocide in South Africa
  • We Fight against Farm Murders in South Africa
  • We Fight against the White Murders of White South Africans
  • We Fight against Animal Abuse
  • We Fight against Child Protection against Abuse
  • We Fight against child Sex Abuse and Woman Rape Abuse
Tell your friends and people around you to help and fight these Evil Things in our World
I would like to take this opportunity to tell you a little about the White Knights, and hopefully dispel some of the lies told about us by the liberal news media.Let me start by addressing the repeated falsehood that we are a "HATE GROUP". Let me assure you that nothing could be further from the truth. We do not hate any group of people. However, we do hate some things that certain groups are doing to our race and Nation. We hate THE FARM KILLINGS OF OUR WHITE PEOPLE IN SOUTH AFRICA, TAKEING OUR LAND THAT OUR FORFATHERS BUILD, THE GENOCIDE OF OUR WHITE PEOPLE THAT ARE MURDERD DAY BY DAY , and race-mixing because these things go against God's law and they are destroying all white nations. But rather than focus on hate; we try to focus on the love of our race. Love for our God and Country. Our goal is to help AND TO STOP KILLING THE WHITE PEOPLE OF SOUTH AFRICA White , Christian nation founded on God's word. This does not mean that we want to see anything bad happen to the darker races, we simply want to live separate from them. As GOD intented.(Lev.20:24-25) It is a simple fact that whenever these races try to intergrate themslves into White society; that society is damaged immensely, perhaps even destroyed altogether. Everything that we do as Klan members is in furtherance of our ultimate goal. We are not evil; hateful people as our enemies would have you believe. We are common white people from all walks of life who have recongnized the problems that our race is facing. We have chosen to stand and fight for those things that we hold dear to our people. Won't you stand with us while there is still time! It is the duty of all white Christian men and women to fight against the Communist who have stolen our Nation.

  Ark Of Hope For Children

Spread the word online to prevent child sexual abuse

You can:

Link to  
If you have your own website, you could add a link to this child sexual abuse prevention website so all your whole online network knows where to find information and advice.

Post some information about Parents Protect
You could post some information about Parents Protect and your thoughts on the site.

Sample text: is a child sexual abuse prevention and awareness website which helps parents and carers do the best they can to protect their children from sexual abuse. The site is a useful resource of information, guidance and resources.

Types of child abuse

There are several types of child abuse, but the core element that ties them together is the emotional effect on the child. Children need predictability, structure, clear boundaries, and the knowledge that their parents are looking out for their safety. Abused children cannot predict how their parents will act. Their world is an unpredictable, frightening place with no rules. Whether the abuse is a slap, a harsh comment, stony silence, or not knowing if there will be dinner on the table tonight, the end result is a child that feel unsafe, uncared for, and alone.

Emotional child abuse

Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me? Contrary to this old saying, emotional abuse can severely damage a child’s mental health or social development, leaving lifelong psychological scars. Examples of emotional child abuse include:

  • Constant belittling, shaming, and humiliating a child.
  • Calling names and making negative comparisons to others.
  • Telling a child he or she is “no good," "worthless," "bad," or "a mistake."
  • Frequent yelling, threatening, or bullying.
  • Ignoring or rejecting a child as punishment, giving him or her the silent treatment.
  • Limited physical contact with the child—no hugs, kisses, or other signs of affection.
  • Exposing the child to violence or the abuse of others, whether it be the abuse of a parent, a sibling, or even a pet.

Child neglect

Child neglect—a very common type of child abuse—is a pattern of failing to provide for a child's basic needs, whether it be adequate food, clothing, hygiene, or supervision. Child neglect is not always easy to spot. Sometimes, a parent might become physically or mentally unable to care for a child, such as with a serious injury, untreated depression, or anxiety. Other times, alcohol or drug abuse may seriously impair judgment and the ability to keep a child safe.

Older children might not show outward signs of neglect, becoming used to presenting a competent face to the outside world, and even taking on the role of the parent. But at the end of the day, neglected children are not getting their physical and emotional needs met.

Physical child abuse

Physical abuse involves physical harm or injury to the child. It may be the result of a deliberate attempt to hurt the child, but not always. It can also result from severe discipline, such as using a belt on a child, or physical punishment that is inappropriate to the child’s age or physical condition.

Many physically abusive parents and caregivers insist that their actions are simply forms of discipline—ways to make children learn to behave. But there is a big difference between using physical punishment to discipline and physical abuse. The point of disciplining children is to teach them right from wrong, not to make them live in fear.

“Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about the things that matter.”
- Martin Luther King



   Pandora's Project, an online support group, message board, and chat room for rape and sexual abuse survivors


Stop White Genocide Flags


You may copy anything here - and send it to all your friends:






Archives: GENOCIDE WATCH reports, videos on Boer Genocide 


   Missing Indian Kids - Children

A missing child is a parent's worst nightmare.

Every day thousands of children are reported missing.... Many are never found.

Many of the kidnappings/abductions end tragically in rape, assault and death.

Since its inception in 2000, National Centre For Missing Children is making a impact in protecting India's children, it offers hope to families who know that the search will not end till their child is found. We need your help to get these missing children home soon and safely. It is impossible for any one person, organization or government to search for the missing children on their own. All of us have to join together and help in the search for missing children. Please visit the page "You Can Help" for more details.

National Centre For Missing Children (NCMC) is a non political, non profit making and a non-governmental organization offering the services free of charge.

The site is presented for the parents, guardians, law enforcement agencies, free of charge, on a one to one manner as an alternative and unconventional method for locating a missing child who is lost or is suspected of having been kidnapped or is a runaway. It serves as a complement for the conventional methods and is not intended to interfere with the system's procedures or to promote false hope.

How many children go missing in a year in India?
In India no exact figures are available, however, according to an article in an English daily, the number of runaways is 10 lakhs per annum, i.e. every 30 seconds a child runs away from home. If you add the number of missing, lost and abducted children the number of missing children is phenomenal.

We do have figures of missing children in the USA. This may help give us an idea about the enormity of missing children issue in India.











Coventry expands domestic violence and abuse services


Coventry City Council has invested additional funding of £250,000 in new domestic violence and abuse (DVA)

services which will see the specialist services provide advice, support and accommodation to more adults and

children affected by this issue.The new contract will be managed by the Council with the support of other key

agencies in the city, including the Police, the Probation Service, health agencies, social care, and key statutory

and third sector agencies in the city.The new services start next week on Monday 29 September 2014 and will

introduce improved ways of working between key agencies in the city to support people affected by DVA in

Coventry.   The total annual value of the contract will be £1.2 million. It will be delivered by a range of specialist

organisations commissioned by the Council. They will be responsible for improving access and service provision

to victims, and services to children and perpetrators through the introduction of:

  • A new helpline and interactive website –  for victims, children and young people, perpetrators, professionals & members of the public in Coventry
  • A single point of access to all victim services
  • Support for victims of DVA living in the community
  • Supported accommodation for victims of DVA
  • A peer support service for victims of DVA
  • Support for children and young people living with DVA
  • A service for perpetrators to help change their behaviour



What is abuse?

Woman abuse is any threat, act or physical force that is used to create fear, control or intimidate you.

Physical Abuse

Any unnecessary/unwanted physical contact caused by another person resulting in bodily harm, discomfort and/or injury. e.g., slapping, kicking, restraining, choking, and restricting food.

Emotional Abuse

Any act that provokes fear, diminishes the individual's dignity or self-worth, and/or intentionally inflects psychological trauma on another person. (e.g., yelling, intimidating, silence, playing on emotions, degradation, treating her as though she was a child, coming home drunk or stoned, refusing to provide support or help out with the baby/children.)

Sexual Abuse

Any unwelcome or forced sexual activities. (e.g., unwanted sexual contact, forces her to have sex, forcing her to have sex with others, uttering threats to obtain sex, forcing sex when she is sick, after childbirth or surgery, treating her as a sex object, refusing to allow or forcing her to use contraception.)

Verbal Abuse

The use of negative comments that are unwelcome, embarrassing, offensive, threatening
and/or degrading to a woman. (e.g. name calling, false accusations, lying, saying one thing and meaning another.)

Financial Abuse

Any behaviour that reduces/eliminates a woman's financial independence and/or financial decision-making. (e.g. taking her money, forging her name, withholding money, spending money on addiction, gambling, sexual services, keeping family finances a secret.)

Social Abuse

Any behaviour resulting in the isolation and alienation of a woman from friends or family. (e.g. controlling what she does, whom she sees and talks to, failing to pass on messages, treating her like a servant, and making a "scene" in public.)

Religious Abuse

Any tactics that exert power and control over a woman's spirituality and religious orientation. (e.g. using religion to justify abuse or dominance, using church position to pressure for sex or favours.)

Environmental Abuse

Any tactics used that result in a woman being fearful of her surroundings. (e.g., slamming doors, punching walls, harming pets, driving too fast.)

Privilege/Social Status

Any comments or actions that suggest she is inferior because she comes from a different socio-economic background, the use of social status or wealth to hide or deny abusive behaviour, the use of wealth to involve her in expensive legal proceedings or to manipulate or prolong legal proceedings.

*adapted from Neighbours Friends and Family
There are many signs you or a loved one may be in an abusive relationship. Some may be easy to identify, others may be more subtle. We encourage you to read the list below, visit the other websites and/or contact a local shelter or second stage, and counselling services listed in this website to speak with a worker. There is no cost and you don't have to come in to get support!!!



genworth caregiving tool

Care Provider Tool

Find home health, assisted living, nursing home, hospice and adult day care near you.


United Hospital Fund UHF Next Steps in Caregiving Resource

Next Step in Care

Free caregiver guides and checklists on a variety of topics, including transitioning between care settings.






Please break the silence!


In spite of many empty promises and undertakings from the South African Government, we have received NO response on our Memorandum that was handed to the Office of President Jacob Zuma on 10 October 2013.


Since then more than 200 White South Africans have been brutally murdered in their homes by gangs of Black Terrorists! We have buried more than 60 farmers and countless people have been attacked, tortured and raped.

We will gather again on 11 October 2014 in remembrance of our loved ones.

October 2013: 

  • Paul Madison (63) Sabie – Shot dead.
  • Daan Wybenga (69) Clarens – Tortured to death.
  • Michael Foltin (61) Groblersdal – Shot dead.
  • Heidi Foltin (56) Groblersdal – Shot dead.
  • Laura Niquet (20) Krugersdorp – Beaten and strangled.
  • Deon Bezuidenhout (68) Pretoria – Stabbed to death.
  • Hennie van der Schyff (72) Klerksdorp – Bludgeoned to death.
  • Eugene van der Merwe (61) Ixopo – Beaten to death.
  • Maria Erasmus (52) Durban – Raped, tortured and stabbed to death.
  • Frans van der Schyff (75) Klerksdorp – Bludgeoned to death.
  • Gerhard de Beer (82) Witrivier – Bludgeoned to death.
  • Elize Douglas (52) Carletonville – Shot dead.
  • Dawid de Villiers (83) Barkley-East – Stabbed and throat slit.
  • Ralie de Villiers (81) Barkley-East – Stabbed and throat slit.
  • Susan Olivier (60) Bloemfontein – Stabbed and throat slit
  • Peter Rassloff (72) Kommetjie – Shot dead.
  • Julian Kapp (43) Kinross – Beaten and strangled.
  • Dan Knight (56) Underberg – Bludgeoned to death.
  • Judy Washington (67) Kei Mouth – Throat slit.
  • Kevin Launspach (38) Durban – Shot dead.
  • Willem Weites (79) Vryheid – Shot dead.
  • Steve Faure (71) Pretoria – Stabbed to death.
  • Susan Nel (47) Pretoria – Shot dead.
  • Wayne Adendorff (32) Midrand – Attacked after an accident.
  • Wardene Rudd (?) Carletonville – Suffocated.
  • Michiel Loubser (58) Pretoria – Shot dead.
  • Dolf Botha (66) Witbank – Stabbed to death.

November 2013: 

  • John Noble (72) Shongweni – Tortured and strangled.
  • Hester Noble (68) Shongweni – Tortured and strangled.
  • Gerald Engelbrecht (32) Pretoria – Shot dead.
  • Henry van Niekerk (69) Kraankuil – Beaten to death
  • Thys Pretorius (56) Pretoria – Shot dead.
  • Edda Botha (75) Amanzimtoti – Hacked to death.
  • Gert Mouton (39) Meyerton – Shot dead.
  • Hillary Milford (76) Parys – Stabbed to death.
  • Linda Gerber (31) Port Elizabeth – Raped and beaten to death.
  • Leon Joubert (53) Pretoria – Shot dead.
  • Ian Fellowes (71) Underberg – Shot dead.
  • Adele Sutton (47) Johannesburg – Shot dead.

December 2013:

  • Constant Oelofse (37) Wadeville – Shot dead.
  • Chris Smith (65) Robertsham – Shot dead.
  • Debbie Knight (65) Kemptonpark – Throat slit.
  • Anton Keown (53) Wadeville – Shot dead.
  • Andre Herbst (39) Brakpan – Shot dead.
  • Leonore Dorfling (82) Allanridge – Assaulted and drowned.
  • Thinus Mynhardt (28) Ohrigstad – Shot dead.
  • Constant Oelofse (37) Wadeville – Shot dead.
  • Steward Stamp (78) Virginia – Set Alight.
  • Krisjan Theunissen (88) Thabazimbi – Shot
  • Ronald Kerby (81) Kromdraai -  Throat Slit
  • Jonathan “Jac” Stefanus Troskie, Cookhouse – Murdered.
  • Nathan Van Reenen (16) Durban (Van George) – Stabbed to death.
  • Kobus Smit (63) Pretoria- Shot dead.

January 2014: 

  • Rob Meek (62) Port St Johns – Shot dead.
  • Clinton de Menezes (43) Westville – Shot dead.
  • Mike Smith (32) Durban – Shot dead.
  • Neville Ross (75) Krugersdorp – Bludgeoned to death.
  • Ben van der Westhuizen (24) Vryheid – Bludgeoned to death.
  • Hendrik Nortman (74) Vanderbijlpark – Bludgeoned to death.
  • Lien Nortman (72) Vanderbijlpark – Raped and tortured to death.
  • Sarel Pretorius (61) Barkly-East – Shot dead.
  • Hennie Wager (47) Krugersdorp – Shot dead.
  • Francois Meyer (50) Pretoria – Shot dead.
  • Mike de Beer (89) Pretoria – Shot dead.
  • Basil Botha (39) Welverdiend – Shot dead.
  • Dirkie van der Walt (30) Hotazel – Stabbed to death.
  • Ina Marincowitz (59) Stormsrivier – Raped and stabbed to death.
  • Charlotte Kruger (66) Lydenburg – Suffocated to death.
  • Tom Benecke (65) Randfontein – Stabbed to death.

February 2014: 

  • Leon Clur (49) Hectorspruit – Shot dead.
  • Rhondine van der Walt (48) Kemptonpark – Shot dead.
  • Reinette Vorster (42) Ghanzi – Strangled and burnt to death.
  • Gerhard Fourie (78) Hartswater – Shot dead.
  • Henk de Villiers (73) Centurion  – Shot dead.
  • Geoff Stuart (71) Munster – Stabbed to death.
  • Barend Oosthuizen (69) Brakpan – Shot dead.
  • Douglas Pierce (39) Johannesburg – Shot dead.
  • Veanne Armstrong (24) Johannesburg – Shot dead.
  • Johannes Cornelissen (31) Sabie Valley – Shot dead.
  • Joe Herholdt (51) Greytown – Stabbed to death.
  • Johan van der Schyff (54) Pretoria – Shot dead.
  • Yena Kirby (63) Umkomaas – Stabbed to death.
  • Rinda Duncan (61) Sunwich Port – Throat slit.
  • Tony Naude (65) Leandra – Beaten to death.
  • Joan Pieters (59) Virginia – Shroat slit
  • Riaan Labuschagne (28) Warrenton – Shot dead.
  • Jeremy Brooke (32) Transkei – Shot dead.

March 2014: 

  • Eckart Schutte (76) Richmond – Throat slit.
  • Elizabeth Schutte (65) Richmond – Stabbed and burnt to death.
  • Lutz Schutte (33) Richmond – Beaten to death.
  • Danie Schreuder (56) Askam– Beaten to death.
  • Johan van der Nest (50) Birchleigh – Beaten to death.
  • Annemarie van Zyl (32) Kemptonpark – Stabbed to death.
  • Derek Venter (45) Welgedacht – Shot dead.
  • Piet van Zyl (53) Kuruman – Stabbed to death.
  • Migiel Lourens (80) Krugersdorp – Stabbed to death.
  • Koos Erasmus (59) Groot Merico – Shot dead.
  • Genee Katzan (75) Parkview – Shot dead.
  • Mr. Katzan (78) Parkview – Shot dead.
  • Lettie Rupping (82) Tarkastad – Shot dead.
  • Hazel Huggins (85) Port Elizabeth –
  • Leander Derksen (22) Hartebeespoort – Stabbed to death.
  • Ounooi Badenhorts (77) Smithfield – Shot dead.
  • Deon van Heerden (59) Randfontein – Shot dead.
  • JR Buhrman (77) Ermelo – Stabbed to death.
  • Karen Brown (58) Dunnottar – Stabbed to death.
  • Daniel Menezes (68) Kroonstad – Beaten to death.
  • Wynand du Plessis (62) Benoni – Beaten to death. 

April 2014: 

  • Anthony Tessendorf (27) East London – Stabbed to death.
  • Charl Niemand (29) Witbank – Shot dead.
  • Vicus Botha (63) Pietermaritzburg – Beaten to death.
  • Lazlow Bercsenyi (87) Bon Accord – Hacked to death.
  • David Richardson (64) Germiston – Stabbed to death.
  • Rina Hough (66) Senekal – Stabbed to death.
  • Steven Britz (44)Klapmuts – Shot dead.
  • Hannes Duvenhage (68) Ermelo – Shot dead.
  • Dennis Viviers (65) Williston – Throat slit.
  • Thys Human (80) Uitenhage – Stabbed to death.
  • Ingrid Kock(57) Ranburg – Strangled.
  • Brian Pope (62) Harrismith – Shot dead.
  • Tilly Pope (46) Harrismith – Shot dead.
  • Danie Dercksen (45) Brits – Shot dead.
  • Aletta Conwright (75) Gordonsbaai – Strangled.
  • Eldred Schultz (74) East London – Shot dead.
  • Jurgen Rombouts (27) Strand – shot dead. 

May 2014: 

  • Hannes Kelly (52) Levubu – Beaten to death
  • Johannes Rondganger (54) Bloemfontein  – Shot dead.
  • Charles Groenewald (74) Boschkop – Shot dead.
  • Rico Steenkamp (22) Alberton – Shot dead.
  • Louis Swanepoel (82) Boschkop  – Murdered.
  • Sandra Swanepoel (80) Boschkop – Murdered.
  • Karl Jaentsch (41) Paternoster – Shot dead.
  • John Arundel (64) Queensburgh – Stabbed to death.
  • Franco van Huyssteen (44) Vereeniging – Shot dead.
  • Ryno Terblanche (28) Plettenbergbaai – Shot dead.
  • Riaan van den Berg (43) Malelane – Strangled to death.
  • Lucas Labuschagne (72) Benoni – Kicked to death.
  • Awie Cilliers (73) Hartswater – Bludgeoned to death.

June 2014: 

  • Tulsa Opperman (57) Springs – Shot dead.
  • Tinus Coetzee (18) Krugersdorp – Beaten to death.
  • Rachel Duncan (54) Stellenbosch – Stabbed to death.
  • Mark Phillip (58) Amanzimtoti – Stabbed to death.
  • Shaun Rusch (49) Boksburg – Shot dead.
  • Jemima Lemmer (81) Boschkop – Tortured to death.
  • Russell McMicken (62) Pretoria – Shot dead.
  • Mary Tacke (82) Umtata – Shot dead.
  • Joos Joubert (68) Mamogalieskraal – Shot dead.
  • George Stracchan (64) Robertson – Stabbed to death.
  • Bradley du Preez (20) Johannesburg – Beaten to death.
  • Henri la Cour (72) Kalkbaai – Stabbed to death.
  • Mandie Janse van Rensburg (51) Buffelspoort – Shot dead.
  • Carl Wessels (55) New Hanover – Shot dead.
  • Tony da Silva (61) Middelburg – Shot dead.

July 2014: 

  • Sakkie Freidberg (86) Pietersburg – Bludgeoned to death.
  • Adel Viljoen (83) Reitz – Strangled
  • Rudolf Pretorius (59) Groblersdal – Shot dead
  • Jake Smith (23) Pietermaritzburg – Stabbed to death.
  • Jan de Kock (69) Petrus Steyn – Bludgeoned to death.
  • Marco Jones (60) Stellenbosch – Strangled to death.
  • Dean Jones (35) Inanda – Shot dead.
  • Jian Pierre During (21) Roodepoort – Shot dead.
  • Gerhard Lindeque (42) Bryanston – Shot dead.
  • Robert Steyn (59) Johannesburg – Shot dead.
  • Andre van Greuning (47) Reitz – Shot dead.
  • Johan Viljoen (38) Vanderbijlpark – Stabbed to death
  • Robbie Paver (22) Jeffreysbaai – Stabbed to death.
  • Devin Hattingh (31) Port Elizabeth – Shot dead.
  • Christine Robinson (59) Thabazimbi – Bludgeoned to death.

August 2014: 

  • Koos Jonker (79) Ellisras – Bludgeoned to death.
  • Daniel Bekker (55) Mosselbaai – Throat slit.
  • Gideon van Zyl (52) Pinetown – Shot dead.
  • Buks Swanepoel (82) Vierfontein – Bludgeoned to death.
  • Theresa Buys (45) Cradock – Murdered.
  • Piet van Wyk (55) Letsitele – Bludgeoned to death.
  • Amanda Vermeulen (56) Lichtenburg – Shot dead.
  • Gert de Lange (67) Pretoria – Bludgeoned to death.
  • Louisa se Lange (65) Pretoria – Bludgeoned to death.
  • Woman (45) Amanzimtoti – Suffocated.
  • Kobus van der Westhuizen (59) Hartbeespoort – Stabbed to death.
  • Nick Proios (42) Elsburg – Stabbed to death.
  • Koba Odendaal (74) Vredendal – Stabbed to death.
  • Pierre de Lange (44) Richardsbay – Murdered.
  • Paul Vermaak (54) Centurion – Shot dead.
  • Koos Prinsloo (65) Ermelo – Murdered.
  • Stephen Edmondstone (62) Durban – Shot dead.

September 2014: 

  • Nico Lens (56) Paulpietersburg – Shot dead.
  • Marsha Lens (53) Paulpietersburg – Shot dead.
  • Nelmarnie Coetzee (55) Bloemfontein – Raped and tortured to death.
  • Erns Boller (74) Meerensee – Tortured and set alight
  • Lilo Boller (86) Meerensee – Tortured and set alight.
  • Kerridge Singleton (64) Meerensee – Stabbed to death.
  • Les Snyman (58) Knysna – Murdered.
  • John de Lange (53) George – Stabbed to death.
  • Cornelius Oosthuizen (47) George – Stabbed to death.
  • Dries Lombard (64) Amanzimtoti – Stabbed to death.
  • Mr. De Freitas (88) Linnmeyer – Bludgeoned to death.
  • Shaun Pienaar (25) Johannesburg – Shot dead.
  • Helmut Wohlfarter (73) Bonnivale – Hacked to death.
  • Kobus Scholtz () Stella – Bludgeoned to death.
  • Ron Wiggett (76) Great Brak – Stabbed to death.
  • Sarel Janse van Rensburg (76) Tonteldoos – Tortured to death.
  • Tjaart Booyens (76) Dunnottar – Shot dead.
  • Rose Dowdle (86) Craighall Park – Raped and murdered.
  • Virgil Pappas (40) Muldersdrift – Shot dead.
  • Vicky le Roux (17) Algoa Park – Shot dead.
  • George Michau (40) Henly on Klip – Shot dead.
  • Pierre Brydges (47) Mondeor – Shot dead.
  • Lynette Lavender (60) Rust de Winder – Murdered.
  • Apie van der Walt (62) Richardsbaai – Shot dead.







Warning signs of child abuse and neglect

Warning signs of child abuse and neglect The earlier child abuse is caught, the better the chance of recovery and appropriate treatment for the child. Child abuse is not always obvious. By learning some of the common warning signs of child abuse and neglect, you can catch the problem as early as possible and get both the child and the abuser the help that they need.

Of course, just because you see a warning sign doesn’t automatically mean a child is being abused. It’s important to dig deeper, looking for a pattern of abusive behavior and warning signs, if you notice something off.

Warning signs of emotional abuse in children

  • Excessively withdrawn, fearful, or anxious about doing something wrong.
  • Shows extremes in behavior (extremely compliant or extremely demanding; extremely passive or extremely aggressive).
  • Doesn’t seem to be attached to the parent or caregiver.
  • Acts either inappropriately adult (taking care of other children) or inappropriately infantile (rocking, thumb-sucking, throwing tantrums).

Warning signs of physical abuse in children

  • Frequent injuries or unexplained bruises, welts, or cuts.
  • Is always watchful and “on alert,” as if waiting for something bad to happen.
  • Injuries appear to have a pattern such as marks from a hand or belt.
  • Shies away from touch, flinches at sudden movements, or seems afraid to go home.
  • Wears inappropriate clothing to cover up injuries, such as long-sleeved shirts on hot days.

Warning signs of neglect in children

  • Clothes are ill-fitting, filthy, or inappropriate for the weather.
  • Hygiene is consistently bad (unbathed, matted and unwashed hair, noticeable body odor).
  • Untreated illnesses and physical injuries.
  • Is frequently unsupervised or left alone or allowed to play in unsafe situations and environments.
  • Is frequently late or missing from school.

Warning signs of sexual abuse in children

  • Trouble walking or sitting.
  • Displays knowledge or interest in sexual acts inappropriate to his or her age, or even seductive behavior.
  • Makes strong efforts to avoid a specific person, without an obvious reason.
  • Doesn’t want to change clothes in front of others or participate in physical activities.
  • An STD or pregnancy, especially under the age of 14.
  • Runs away from home.

Risk factors for child abuse and neglect

While child abuse and neglect occurs in all types of families—even in those that look happy from the outside—children are at a much greater risk in certain situations.

  • Domestic violence. Witnessing domestic violence is terrifying to children and emotionally abusive. Even if the mother does her best to protect her children and keeps them from being physically abused, the situation is still extremely damaging. If you or a loved one is in an abusive relationships, getting out is the best thing for protecting the children.
  • Alcohol and drug abuse. Living with an alcoholic or addict is very difficult for children and can easily lead to abuse and neglect. Parents who are drunk or high are unable to care for their children, make good parenting decisions, and control often-dangerous impulses. Substance abuse also commonly leads to physical abuse.
  • Untreated mental illness. Parents who suffering from depression, an anxiety disorder, bipolar disorder, or another mental illness have trouble taking care of themselves, much less their children. A mentally ill or traumatized parent may be distant and withdrawn from his or her children, or quick to anger without understanding why. Treatment for the caregiver means better care for the children.
  • Lack of parenting skills. Some caregivers never learned the skills necessary for good parenting. Teen parents, for example, might have unrealistic expectations about how much care babies and small children need. Or parents who were themselves victims of child abuse may only know how to raise their children the way they were raised. In such cases, parenting classes, therapy, and caregiver support groups are great resources for learning better parenting skills.
  • Stress and lack of support. Parenting can be a very time-intensive, difficult job, especially if you’re raising children without support from family, friends, or the community or you’re dealing with relationship problems or financial difficulties. Caring for a child with a disability, special needs, or difficult behaviors is also a challenge. It’s important to get the support you need, so you are emotionally and physically able to support your child.

Resources and references

Warning signs of child abuse

Recognizing Child Abuse: What Parents Should Know (PDF) – Lists signs and symptoms of child abuse in children and in their parents. Covering physical abuse, emotional maltreatment, neglect, and sexual abuse, this outline is useful for teachers, family friends, and relatives. (Prevent Child Abuse America)

Physical child abuse

Physical Child Abuse – Reviews the definition of physical abuse and signs of abuse, including shaken baby syndrome (Child Welfare Information Gateway)

Shaken Baby Syndrome – Clear, comprehensive description of what SBS is, how it causes brain damage and death, its signs and symptoms, and strategies for soothing a baby before the caregiver’s frustration mounts. (KidsHealth)

Sexual child abuse

Prevent Child Sexual Abuse: Facts About Those Who Might Commit It (PDF) – Offers warning signs of sexual abuse in children and in their adult abusers, along with tips on how to prevent and stop it. (Stop It Now!)

Understanding Child Sexual Abuse – A clear, objective explanation of the effects of child sexual abuse, the chances of recovery, and strategies for prevention. (American Psychological Association)

Emotional child abuse

Emotional abuse – See the “Answers to common questions” on this British site for good advice about recognizing and responding to emotional child abuse. (National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children)

Fact Sheet: Emotional child abuse (Prevent Child Abuse America)

Child neglect

Child Neglect: Definition and Scope of Neglect – Article on what constitutes child neglect, how it affects children, what causes it, and how the community can intervene. (Child Welfare Information Gateway)

Neglect – Succinct lists of physical and behavioral indicators suggesting that a child is being neglected. (Coalition for Children)

Reporting and stopping child abuse

Toll-Free Crisis Hotline Numbers – (Child Welfare Information Gateway)

Talking about abuse – Discusses what to do if either a child or a caregiver approaches you about abuse. (NSPCC)

Reporting Child Abuse – Guidance on how to find out what your responsibilities are and where to get more information. (Darkness to Light)

Child Helpline International – A global portal for children with a list of crisis lines and web resources around the world. (

How the Child Welfare System Works – Information on the services available in the U.S. to protect the well-being of children. (U.S. Department of Health and Human Services)

Preventing child abuse

Talking to a child about abuse – Helps parents teach children how to protect themselves against abuse, including learning about touch, and that they should never keep secrets. (Childhelp)

Talking to kids about child sexual abuse – Discusses concrete tips on how to protect children against abuse, including talking to family members and avoiding tricks. (Stop it Now)

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Genocide of the Boer in South Africa

“Nothing reaches far and wide like murmurings of  Genocide. Yet nothing else sounds more bizarre when hearing it from lands afar. Ignorance is bliss they say so I am wiping it away. You cannot claim you didn’t know or try to say it isn’t so…”

In less than 10 years, thousands of Rhino have been slaughtered for their horns! This is a travesty! Even more so as there is no scientific proof that Rhino horn has any medicinal property what so ever. Yet some claim that is a powerful aphrodisiac and one man claims it can cure cancer. There is absolutely NO truth to these claims, but still these majestic animals are on the brink of extinction!
In 2012 alone 381 rhino have paid the ultimate price for these ridiculous claims! Most of the rhino are killed in, of all places, the Kruger National Park! …one of South Africa’s main tourist attractions and supposedly a safe environment for our much treasured Wild Life. Most of the rhino horn is sold on the Black market in Asia! Our Government stockpiles the horns that are confiscated by the police, but there is no clarity as to how much they have or what is to be done with it. We seem to be unable to get this problem under control and the more effort that is put into stopping this, the more popular these horns become!
There is a huge outcry, locally and internationally to DO something about this inhumane slaughtering of our rhino and our Government has given heed to this, BECAUSE the world is getting involved! We thank you for this!

I am, however writing this piece to BEG people from all over the world to give the same kind of attention, if not more, to another, even more horrific and pressing disaster facing South Africa! I refuse to believe that we live in a world where HUMAN life is less valued than that of animals and yet, it seems to be the case when it comes to getting the world to sit up and take notice of the fact that the WHITE BOER PEOPLE of South Africa are literally ALSO on the brink of extinction!

More than 4 000 White Farmers (Boers) have been murdered in Brutal Farm Attacks and that number increases daily and thousands more “Boers” are being murdered in our Cities for no apparent reason other than that they are WHITE!

Please, do not think for even a second, that I am exaggerating! Here are the FACTS!

In 1991 there were 5.6 Million Whites in South Africa. Today we are less than 4.3 Million! …and of the 133 000 commercial farmers in South Africa, only 29 000 are left!

We have been placed on level 6 of a possible 8, by Genocide Watch, an International organization that monitors, not only the number of people that are being brutally murdered in Race driven killings, but the political and socio-economic environment in which these people find themselves. These first 6 stages are…

Referring to people or groups op people as “Us” and “Them”, according to race, ethnicity, religion or nationality.

We (the European people) are referred to by the black population of South Africa, by several names that include “Boer”, “Whitey”, “iBhunu”, etc.

Giving names or symbols to the classifications – in our case referring to us as “Boers” or “Whiteys”. Classification and symbolization are universally human and do not necessarily result in genocide, unless they leadto the next stage, dehumanization.

…which, in our case, it has! Songs are sung about “Killing the Boer”. A particular song called “Dubula iBhunu”, meaning “Kill/shoot the Boer”, is even sung by our current State President at huge public gatherings to the great pleasure of thousands of his followers, despite our Supreme Court ruling that this song constitutes Hate Speech! You can find proof of this by viewing the following link …

One group denies the humanity of the other group. Members of it are equated with animals, vermin, insects or diseases. Dehumanization overcomes the normal human revulsion against murder.

When faced with what is being done to our people, this revulsion clearly doesn’t exist anymore! Babies are being shot at point blank range! Elderly women are being raped and tortured by burning them with clothing irons and shoving anything from broomsticks to smashed bottles into their vaginas! People are being hacked to death with pangas, their heads smashed with bricks and stones, their throats slit with blunt knives… There is NO end to the horrendous brutality with which my people are being murdered!!! If you doubt this, simply type the words “Boer Genocide” in Google!!

Articles on Boer Genocide

Genocide is always organized, usually by the state, though sometimes informally or by terrorist groups. Special army units or militias are often trained and armed. Plans are made for genocidal killings.

In South Africa, the Government is simply turning a blind eye to this and calling it “Normal Crime” at worst! These murders are by no means random nor are they disorganized! The killers/murderers always work in groups – mostly 4-5 . They steal very little and what they do take is considered “loot” or “reward” for a job well done. In many cases they arrive on foot and steal a vehicle as a means of getting away. These vehicles are then simply discarded along the way and often burnt. The process of “organizing” a complete WIPEOUT of the Boer people was very well thought through.

*Firstly the South African Government ordered that firearm owners should surrender all their firearms though a hugely unconstitutional and completely illegal campaign. Most of the law abiding citizens complied for fear of prosecution. These weapons were to be destroyed, but there is NO evidence of this ever having been done. To make matters worse, over 20 000 weapons have gone “missing” from the Police Force’s arsenal, with no reports as to what happened to these guns and in addition nobody was ever prosecuted for negligence regarding the disappearance of these firearms!

*Secondly, all the Commandos (volunteers with army training operating under strict governance of our Defense Force) that used to keep our farming communities safe, were disbanded by our current Government, thus leaving our Farmers defenseless against these attacks.  Despite promises from the Government that police officials and Defense Force units will replace the Commandos, nothing has transpired ever since!

*Thirdly, much is being made by the SA Government of “redistributing” farmland. They have created the impression that most of our arid land is still in the hands of the “Boers” and that they are bluntly refusing to sell land to the Government who will in turn distribute this land to Black people to farm on. This is a lie, as most of the land in South Africa already belongs to the Government and up till now, no audit has been done to establish how much agricultural land is owned by the black people and how much land is being registered in the names of Foreign owners. Some of these farms previously developed by white farmers, have been given to Black communities to farm on, but without significant success. These farms have become barren, costing thousands of people their jobs and livelihood and seriously threatening our food supply in SA.  All of these factors are creating an environment where the hatred for the Boer is being aggravated and these farmers are considered the enemy of the “People” …and our leaders then singing songs about killing or shooting  the “Boer”,  is certainly NOT helping!

Extremists drive the groups apart. Hate groups broadcast polarizing propaganda. Laws are passed with racial criteria that further oppresses the already marginalized group…

…in this case the White Boer People!
South Africa is currently the only country in the WORLD that has laws in place to “Protect” a 60 Million Majority against a 4.5 Million Minority! The most obvious ones being:

*Affirmative Action (AA) – in terms of which businesses are forced to employ workers in accordance to the percentage of the population in the country – thus meaning that 92% of the work force HAS to be black whether they have the necessary qualifications or not!
*Black Economic Empowerment (BEE) – This law forces businesses with a certain turnover P/A to give 35% of their shares to a Black Business Partner. Businesses are audited and prosecuted if they are not BEE compliant. Since capability and skills have left the Government sector at the time when the white employees who were dismissed,  the Government had to contract consultants to fulfill the duties of those qualified and competent white people who were dismissed. Once more, the Government is now compelled by law to only award ALL Government contracts to those private companies who are in possession of a BEE-certificate. This certificate is issued by the Government on completion of a thorough investigation by the Government to confirm that a private company has sufficient Black shareholders and employees ON ALL levels of their work force.
*Quota System – All Sport Unions are forced to apply a quota system when choosing players for Provincial and National teams and the percentages have to again be representative of the population, thus leaving capable sportsmen and –women with no way to participate unless they are black. In practice, this means that sportsmen and –woman are elected to represent their province/country on the basis of the colour of their skin and not on merit at all.

***All of this whilst our Highly Praised Constitution states VERY clearly that:
Section 9: The right to equality before the law and freedom from discrimination. Prohibited grounds of discrimination include race, gender, sex, pregnancy, marital status, ethnic or social origin, colour, sexual orientation, age, disability, religion, conscience, belief, culture, language and birth.

Polarizing Propaganda is openly preached from public stages at political gatherings and white people are being called “Thieves and Murderers” to the delight of cheering crowds. Due to large scale corruption, the current Government is hardly able to deliver any of the promised services to the poorest of the poor, but instead of owning up to the fact that BILLIONS are lost or stolen from our annual budget, white people are simply blamed for the horrendous conditions in which more than 25% of the population is currently living. This is furthering the utter hatred behind the Genocide of the “Boer people”!

Victims are identified and separated out because of their ethnic or religious identity. Death lists are drawn up. Members of victim groups are forced to wear identifying symbols. They are often segregated into ghettoes, forced into concentration camps, or confined to a famine-struck region and starved.

We have now entered this phase in South Africa. We need not wear symbols as we are identified simply because we are White! In less than 10 years, more than 600 000 White people have ended up in Squatter Camps (ghettos) mostly because they have been forced to resign due to the Affirmative Action Legislation (i.e. due to the colour of their skin). These people live in horrifying circumstances with absolutely NO hope of receiving any help from the Government to acquire shelter and food!

There are only 2 levels left before my people, the ones that are left, will literally have to “run for their lives”! More than 1 Million White South Africans have left the country already – some after experiencing crime first hand. Some because their very own family members have been murdered and some to find employment in countries where their skin colour will NOT be a disqualification.

Extermination begins, and quickly becomes the mass killing legally called “genocide.” It is “extermination” to the killers, because they do not believe their victims to be fully human. When it is sponsored by the state, the armed forces often work with militias to execute the killing.

The frightening truth is that, although this is seen as the second last level of Genocide and we have NOT been placed here yet, we are already experiencing a level of extermination that the world simply seems to ignore bluntly! In 1994 there were 133 000 commercial farmers in South Africa. Today, there are only 33 000. More than 4 000 of these farmers have been murdered!!! Many of our farmers sold their land out of fear of these attacks and many more have been forced to sell their land to the Government for their “Land Redistribution” plan.

Our Farmers are not the only targets though! Thousands of our Boer people are murdered in Cities and Towns. More often than not, the elderly are the victims of these Hate-crimes and the brutality, with which these people are being killed, is utterly shocking! You can read the following link regarding some of the more recent incidents…

Torture and Murder of the Elderly



Denial is the eighth stage that always follows genocide. It is among the surest indicators of further genocidal massacres. The perpetrators of genocide dig up the mass graves, burn the bodies, try to cover up the evidence and intimidate the witnesses. They deny that they committed any crimes, and often blame what happened on the victims. They block investigations of the crimes, and continue to govern until driven from power by force, when they flee into exile.

Although we have not reached this stage, our Government is already denying the fact that the Boer Nation is being targeted in these brutal killings ant they prefer to refer to these brutal killings as “Normal Crime” – part of our everyday lives in South Africa. You can read this claim here…

South African Government denying Genocide of the Boer

After reading all of this, I can only hope that you will realize that we are in dire need of your help to avoid more barbaric murders, eliminating our numbers to a point where resistance is not possible any longer! If you choose to turn a blind eye and NOT concern yourself with this utter human travesty, it will be a sad day indeed…

Please forward this article to as many people as you possibly can! Make sure that you bring our plight under the attention of your political organizations, politicians and Governments! To us it is a matter of life and death.

My People are dying EVERY DAY, due to these senseless murders! YOU can help to put an end to this!

Nothing reaches far and wide
Like murmurings of Genocide
Yet nothing else sounds more bizarre
Than hearing it from lands afar

Ignorance is bliss they say
So I am wiping it away
You cannot claim you didn’t know
Or try to say it isn’t so…


The-White-Knights-Germany TILL 2018

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