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Tarot of the Knights

Tarot Card Interpretation of the Knights

Knight of Wands    

Knight of Wands


Impetuous, energetic young man. Creativity. Action. Adventure and challenges.

The knight of wands represents an impulsive young man or an older man with a youthful attitude toward life.

Both these characters have great plans for the future and the energy to make them reality.

In a more abstract sense this card may represent your self-confidence and enthusiasm that will help you achieve success.

You are facing a new, challenging situation with a fun-loving, optimistic attitude.

A charming liar. An unreliable rogue.

Don't trust a charming but unreliable person. A reckless behavior is causing problems.

Your megalomania and inability to finish what you started are disrupting your life.

  Knight of Pentacles       

Knight of Pentacles

Sensible, dependable people. A loyal friend. A nature lover.

The Knight of Pentacles may appear a little dull but his steady and reliable way to work will eventually take him where he wants.

This character may seem slow and unimaginative but he is honest and loyal and will succeed where others fail.

Industrious work will eventually pay off and will help make loyal friends along the way.

Dull people. A lazy person. A drifter.

Maybe you are underpaid or you feel uninspired and have lost enthusiasm for your work.

Your self-confidence is low and you may be experiencing financial Troubles.

  Knight of Swords  

Knight of Swords


Quick Changes. Impulsive actions. An ambitious young man.

This card represents an ambitious and gifted young man that is able to think and act quickly.

Expect a sudden change and a blast of rejuvenating fresh air in your life.

Swords may herald a period of struggle and rivalry when you need to be strong, assertive and fast acting.

An aggressive young person. A bully. Rashness. Impatience.

Avoid impulsive decisions. Someone may act aggressively toward you or actively oppose your Projects.

    Knight of Cups         

Knight of Cups


Dreamers. A romantic young man. Idealists.

The Knight of Cups is a romantic young man. He is sensitive and loves art, music and dance.

This card suggests the possibility of new, intensely emotional relationships.

You may be ready to fall in love either with a real person or an idea.

A cheater. An incorrigible liar. An irresponsible person.

A gifted young person lacking the motivation to succeed.

Someone may be manipulating and deliberately misleading you.





















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