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Order of the White Knights

victory's warrior

"For every cause that's given us there's Victory at hand"
No thing that ever sees the sun can be without this brand. Tho' we may fail or fall too short in seeing fly our flag We make the ways and palisades that centuries see stand. Among the lost, the vanquished foe, the innocent and ill Our path and Fate winds through them all to bring us to our will. We joined this army when we stood and shouted out our brag: "Let me be called to serve with all my strength & heart & skill." When we so choose to join these troops of warriors and kin We then concede our right to plead for what we "should" then win. We serve ideals, we stay the quest, we climb the icy crag
Then let the Victory be shared. Let Bards their stories spin.
We serve the goal, we fight its loss, we keep it flowing on. And where it takes us we will go... for less would see it gone.


What is the Order of the White Knights ?  


The Royal Order of the White Knights is a fraternal spirituality and service group for men of Earth-centered faiths, organized along the lines of ancient orders of chivalry such as the Knights Templar. Though primarily dedicated to the exploration of men's spirituality through Pagan, Heathen, and other types of earth-centered rituals, we also have a strong commitment of service to the community. For a more detailed explanation of what we do and how we're organized
      Why a Pagan men's Group?    


The Pagan male today finds himself in a confusing position. In response to the highly patriarchal nature of the mainstream monotheistic faiths, the Pagan community as a whole tends toward a matriarchal, feminine-oriented system. In this system, the male aspects of Divinity are often greatly if not completely eclipsed by the female aspects. The “Great Mother Goddess” is often honored to the exclusion of the God, who is relegated to the status of her “Consort” when He is mentioned at all! We believe that even as a completely patriarchal system is unbalanced, so too is a completely matriarchal system - a positive, dynamic balance between the two is needed, not an aggrandizement of one gender over the other. Both genders have their own strengths and weaknesses, and each has much to teach the other. To this end, we are committed to exploring the men's mysteries, the spiritual aspects of what it is to be male. We are an unashamedly men's group - there are many women's mysteries groups in existence, and we consider ourselves neither unbalanced nor chauvinistic for wishing to explore the spiritual aspects of our own gender.

  What does community service have to do with men's spirituality?  


We believe that service to the community is an important part of our spirituality - that a man can truly find the best in himself only in service to others. Sacrifice for the good of others is a traditional and integral aspect of men's spirituality - for example, the Wiccan belief in the sacrifice of the Horned Lord at Samhain to be reborn at Yule and renew the fertility of the earth, or from a Christian point of view, the sacrifice of Jesus on the cross. All of us sacrifice in some form or another so that others may be better off, though for most of us this sacrifice is of our time and energy rather than our lives. As Knights, we believe that with the power we are given comes the responsibility to help others. In fact, the word "knight" originally came from a Saxon word which meant "vassal" or "servant"; we take this to mean that we are servants of our community and of the greater good.
    Why do you call yourselves "Knights"?         


Though we call ourselves White Knights, we're not the kind of knights who wear armor, fight with swords, or swear fealty to a king. We choose to call ourselves White Knights because we identify strongly with the archetype or idea of knighthood, of a warrior who lives by a code of honor and who stands up for what he believes is right. As for swearing fealty to a king, the "White Knights" in our name doesn't mean we swear fealty to an earthly monarch. Rather, we swear fealty to our own particular concepts of divinity, to our brother knights, and to the ideals of knighthood and chivalry. The “White Knights” in our name is meant to remind us that within every man lies the spark of nobility, the touch of kingship and of the Divine. As in Arthurian legend, the Sacred Monarch, the “Once and Future King” is not dead, but sleeps within us all, and rises again when we have need of him. For a better idea about the importance of chivalry in men's Paganism, White Knights of Germany and contains many issues we find to be relevant in raising Pagan boys and men alike.

 So who is this "Herne" fellow, anyway?   


Herne, from whom our Order takes its name, is a pre-Christian Saxon deity whose name is thought to come from the Latin "Cernunnos" which means "The Horned One". His image can be found on the Gundestrup Cauldron (pictured at right), an artifact found in Denmark and dating from about 2000 years ago. Herne is the Patron of our Order; for us, he represents the quintessence of manhood, all that we strive to be and to achieve as men. He is the sacrificial God, who gives of himself so that others may live. Though we do not all honor Herne as the face of our particular Deity, as men, we honor what he represents.
     How can I become a White Knight of Germany and Europa?       


We'd first like to note that we only recruit face-to-face; we are an online organization. That said, if you're male, 19 years of age or older, following some sort of Knights tradition or path, and have a sincere interest in dedicating yourself to the Code of the White Knights and other precepts of the Order to Support the White GENOCIDE IN SOUTH AFRICA AND HELP TO LET THE WORLD NO HOW THEY ARE KILLING THE WHITE RACE HOUR FOR HOUR YOU WILL BE ADDED TO THE WHITE KNIGHTS, one of the Order's Halls will generally consider you for Membership;NO COSTS TO BECOME A MEMBER FOR WHAT WE FIGHT FOR. Currently, the only Hall in existence is the White Knight Hall in Germany, Poland. and many other Countrys will be added who follow our bond for what we stand for Contact information for its officers is on the Hall's website, and you may contact one of them to arrange a meeting. If you're living in a different area or are otherwise unable to join the Hall at present, please consider subscribing to the Order's email list for information and updates on future activities.

The flag of the of the White Knights     
The flag of the of the White Knights of Germany is a rectangular field of Red, bearing a Red cross saltire  with a sword of Honor and a Scroll . In the center is a Goldern Leaf Ring oval containing a White Wolf Image , surmounted by seven -stars
The Red field is symbolic of our connection to the White Genonice what we are fighting for in South Africa, A divine bounty. The Red cross saltire signifies the four Pillars of Knighthood and the purity of these ideals. The 7 stars represent the Order’s motto, “Strength and Honor”, a way of life that travels with us wherever we go. At the center of the flag is the image of a Scroll our Patron, surrounded by a White Name for what we stand for and seated under seven 7-pointed stars. These stars represent the Order's seven degrees of achievement. Together with the four four-pointed stars they mean we will come from the North,South East and West, these nine stars represent the nine tenets of the Code of The White Knights. 
           The service banner of the of the White Knights         
The service banner of the of the White Knights of Germany depicts a black sword, edged in silver, on a field of Red, the hilt surrounded by a golden Leaf circle surmounted with a red cross in the middle .

The Red field symbolizes our common background Red field is symbolic of our connection to the White Genonice what we are fighting for in South Africa, faiths towards the South Africa White People. The black sword, the sword of truth and justice, symbolizes knighthood and the values of chivalry. Its silver edge reminds us that justice must always be tempered by mercy. The golden circle surrounding the sword's hilt symbolizes the Sun, representative of masculine divinity, and also the sacred circle of life. The White Wolf  is the mark of the Pack,that we stand together . The banner is in the shape of a shield and is hung from a bow suspended from a spear, reflecting the Order’s chivalric roots.

  The spiritual Logo of the of the White Knights  
The spiritual Logo of the of the White Knights  depicts a Wolf in White with red claws, on a field of Red, crowned by silver a sword  and a golden Background leaf ring  .

The design is based for what we stand for. The Wolf represents that we always come as a pack and stand together, the loyal principle. The scroll represents to let the world know what is Happening dayly to our White fellowships in South Africa. The golden 4 eagles mean ,we will come from North South ,East and West ,symbols we can win when we stand together; the sword represents power , of the mind and heart as well as the body. The Red background symbolizes for what we are fighting for .
2013 The White Knights were  formed as a networking organization to Support the White Genocide in South Africa.
   2014 Febraury - The first Facebook secret Group was formed and started with a few member from Germany and South Africa

   2014 March - a goole Blogger was formed to let the world no from Europa what is Happening to the White People in south africa and to ask the world to support them and ask for help. with over 480 page vews in 3 days
2014 March - at the same time a homepage was formed to let the world no from Europa what is Happening to the White People in south africa and to ask the world to support them and ask for help. 


   For further history look on our Websites and bloggers  

Honor above all.    

Honor above all.

A Knight holds to the precepts by which he lives, realizing that though the ideals cannot be
reached, striving towards them ennobles the spirit and makes the world a better place for
all. A Knight finds the best in himself through service to that which he loves

Justice in judgement...
A Knight should serve the cause of justice, taking responsibility for his own actions and,
as far as he is able, seeing that others do the same.

The Code Of Chivalry

Valor in adversity...

A Knight faces his fear, and does what must
be done in spite of it.

Truth in speech...

A Knight should always seek the truth, and
strive to keep the oaths he chooses to swear.

Loyalty in service...

A Knight remains loyal to the people and the
precepts that he has sworn to uphold.
Humility in bearing...
A Knight conducts himself with quiet
confidence, letting his deeds speak for

Charity in compassion...

A Knight is generous so far as his resources
and means allow, giving selflessly so that the
community might prosper.

Prowess in action...

A Knight should strive for excellence in all endeavors, physical, mental and spiritual.

Defense in need...

A Knight is sworn to defend those who depend on him, the precepts by which he
lives, and those who cannot defend


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