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White Knight Brotherhood

collegium, conlegium, consortio, consortium, familia, fraternitas, fraternitatem, germanitas
A united front of men who stand together, fight together, and are loyal together for their country, for their rights, and for their freedom.




What do our Colors Mean?

Our name is taken from the Knights of old. Knights were protectors of the realm and the Guardians of the weak. They were sworn to a life of service and a code of honor. As members of the White Knight community we feel a kinship with those who have gone before us in this mission.

The spiritual Patch of the White Knights Brotherhood depicts a Wolf in White with red claws, on a field of Red, crowned by a silver Sword and a golden Background leaf ring .The Knights White Wolf in the center is a symbol of the role we play as protectors and guardians and the brotherhood we share.

The White Knight Brotherhood Patch of the of the White Knights of Germany depicts a black Sword, edged in silver, on a field of Red, the hilt surrounded by a golden Leaf circle surmounted with a red cross in the middle .

The design is based for what we stand for. The White Wolf represents that we always come as a pack and stand together, the loyal principle. The scroll represents to let the world know what is Happening dayly to our White fellowships in South Africa ,the Two Sword represents power , of the mind and heart as well as the body. The Red background symbolizes for what we are fighting for .

The Red field symbolizes our common background Red field is symbolic of our connection to the White Genonice what we are fighting for in South Africa, faiths towards the South Africa White People.

The black sword, the sword of truth and justice, symbolizes knighthood and the values of chivalry. Its silver edge reminds us that justice must always be tempered by mercy. The golden circle surrounding the Sword's hilt symbolizes the Sun, representative of masculine divinity, and also the sacred circle of life. The White Wolf  is the mark of the Pack,that we stand together .

The banner is in the shape of a shield  reflecting the Order’s chivalric roots.
The gold represents the untarnished honor with which we serve. The shield is a symbol of protection and power.

The Two swords on the side of the shield represent our Power and strength and the force of law under which we work. They are crossed over the Scroll of Justice, representing our protection of society and its laws.
The Full Patch Symbolizes that which we are Sworn to uphold in the WHITE KNIGHTS BROTHERHOOD.



The Real Meaning of Brotherhood

THE CONCEPT OF BROTHERHOOD IS DEEPLY ROOTED in the common experience of those in the THE WHITE KNIGHT; yet, from my experience, it seems that few of us remember or fully understand the implications of such a concept.

Traditionally, brotherhood, as it was taught to me, signified what I was willing to do for my brother. It was a solemn oath to face danger and fear and even give my life, if necessary, for my brother. It was not a matter of receiving but a matter of giving. It was not a matter of avoiding personal accountability. It was a matter of accepting responsibility. It was not a matter of being forgiven any sin. It was a matter of avoiding sin and living up to the standards of honor required to be a member of the brotherhood. There was a stark difference between whether I was liked, or even loved, and my actions. I knew I would always have the love and support of my brothers. I also knew that I would never be allowed to dishonor them by my actions and be allowed to continue in their company. I was required to embrace and live specific values and ethics if I was to have the honor of being a brother. It was never a matter of entitlement based on employment or association.



It is easy to find casual references to brotherhood in the THE WHITE KNIGHT, but there doesn’t seem to be any serious study or understanding of the fraternal model and its ties to the familial organization. Our institutional knowledge tells us we are members of a special brotherhood, yet there is no universal definition of the term. As an industry, we seem to have little real knowledge of the subject. We also have not made the connection between ethics as a component of brotherhood and the larger issue of the social construct as it relates to all of its components.

Knowing that we are brothers without really understanding what it means is the precise reason the term is so abused. My thoughts on this subject have evolved from a perspective of “they do not have it right” to “none of us really knows what it means” or “how to use this powerful emotional tool for good.” Accordingly, I have defined my model of brotherhood and its use as a tool to teach and instill the component of ethics in THE WHITE KNIGHTS.




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