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Rules Of White Knights


    White Knights and the White Knights Brotherhood



Membership Requirements to join the White Knights or the
White Knights Brotherhood



Membership Requirements to join the White Knights or the
White Knights Brotherhood

1. You must be a free white male or female of European descent, at least 18 years of age. (we do verify age)

2. You must be a Protestant able to profess faith in Jesus Christ as personal Savior

3. You must not be married to or date people of other races, nor have mixed race dependants, this includes adopted children.

4. You must agree to conform to the rules of this order, and be willing to swear you will NOT conspire to commit any crime while an associate.

5. You must not join us with mercenary intent, or under secret evasion of any sort.

6. Under NO circumstances will we accept for associate ship: homosexuals, atheists, or those who have been found mentally insane. We will not accept candidates that have been convicted of treason, or espionage against the Germany or the Country were your White Knight Group or fellowship is working from.

7. You must be a German citizen and have a German address. we do not accept foreign nationals, or have foreign associates.If your White Knights Group is running from another country we will except the same condition as in number 7,6,5,4,3,2,1,

8. You must not be on probation or parole. (Those on probation or parole are NOT free men).


On being a Hate Group, the site states:

It is a common misconception that we are a so called “hate” group, no member of  the-white-knights., LLC. mindlessly hates other races.

It goes on to say:

We are basically Biblically correct separatists, we believe that God intended all races to be separate, we believe this is a Biblical Principal. We believe no non-white, or any person of any other race; should ever have been brought to these shores for any reason, and conversely no white man should ever have so much as darkened Africa with his shadow. We are unapologetic about slavery in early Europa, no relative of mine in the memory of our history ever owned a slave, I owe the non-white peoples nothing.

And their Biblical support for separation is the following verses:

30 Biblical Reasons for Seperatism

1. God wills all races to be as He made them. Any violation of God’s original purpose manifests insubordination to Him. (Acts 17:26, Rom. 9:19-24)
2. God made everything to reproduce “after his own kind” (Gen 1:11-12, 6:20, 7:14). Kind means type and color. He would have kept them all alike to begin with had he intended equality.
3. God originally determined the bounds of the habitations of nations, so they would be saved. (17:26, Gen.10:5,32, 11:8, Dt. 32:8)
4. Miscongenation means the mixture of the races, especially the black and white races, or those of outstanding type, or color. The Bible even goes farther than this. It is against different branches of the same stock intermarrying such as Jews marrying other descendants of Abraham ( Ezra 9-10, Neh. 9-13, Jer 50:37, Ezek 30:5)
5. Abraham forbade Eliezer to take a wife for Isaac of canaanites ( Gen. 24:1-4). God was so pleased with this that He directed whom to get ( Gen. 24:7, 12-67)
6. Isaac forbade Jacob to take a wife of the canaanites ( Gen. 27:46-28:7)
7. Abraham sent all his sons of the concubines, and even of his second wife, far away from Isaac so their descendants would not mix (Gen. 25:1-6)
8. Esau disobeying this law brought the final break between him and his father after lifelong companionship with him ( Gen 25:28, 26:34-35, 27:46, 28:8-9)
9. The two branches of Isaac remained segregated forever ( Gen 36, 46:8-26)
10. Ishmael and Isaac’s descendants remained seperated forever ( Gen 25:12-23, 1 Chr 1:29)
11. Jacobs sons destroyed a whole city to maintain seperated (Gen 34)
12. God forbad intermarraige between Israel and all other nations ( Ex 34:12-16, Dt 7:3-6)
13. Joshua forbad the same thing on sentance of death ( Josh 23:12-13)
14. God cursed angels for leaving their own “first estate” and “their own habitation” to marry the daughters of men (Gen 6:1-4, 2 Pet 2:4, Jude 6,7)
15. Miscogenation caused Israel to be cursed ( Judges 3:6-7, Num 25:1-8). Note that Phinehas’ act was righteous ( Ps 106:30)
16. This was Solomon’s sin ( 1 King 11)
17. This was the sin of Judahites returning from Babylon ( Ezra 9:1-10:2, 10-18, 44, Neh. 13:1-30)
18. God commanded Israel to be seperated ( Lev 20:24, Num 23:9, 1 King 8:53)
19. Israelites recognized as a seperate people in all ages because of God’s choice and command ( Matt 10:6, John 1:11). Equal rights in the gospel gives no right to break this eternal law
20. Seperation between Israelites and all other nations to remain in all eternity ( Is 2:2-4,Ezek 37, 47:13-48, Zech 14:16-21, Matt 19:28, Lk 1:32-33, Rev 7:1-8, 14:1-5)
21. All nations will remain seperated from one another in their own parts of the earth forever ( Acts 17:26, Gen 10:5, 32, 11:8-9, Dt 32:8, Dan 7:13-14, Rev 11:15, 21:24)
22. Certain people in Israel were not even to worship with others ( Dt 23:1-3, Ezra 10:8, Neh 9:2, 10:28, 13:3)
23. Even in heaven certain groups will not be allowed to worship together ( Rev 7:7-17, 14:1-5, 15:2-5)
24. Seperation in the O.T. was so strong that an ox and an ass could not be worked together ( Dt 22:10)
25. Miscogenation caused disunity among God’s people ( Num 12)
26. Stock was forbidden to be bred with other kinds ( Lev 19:19)
27. Sowing mixed seed in the same field was unlawful ( Lev 19:19)
28. Different seeds were forbidden to be planted in the same vineyards ( Dt 22:9)
29. Wearing garments of mixed fabrics forbidden ( Dt 22:11, Lev 19:19)
30. Christians and certain other people of a like race are to be seperated based upon behavior ( Mt 18:15-17, 1 Cor 5:9-13, 6:15, 2 Cor 6:14-18, Eph 5:11, 2 Thess 3:6-16, 1 Tim 6:5, 2 Tim 3:5)



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